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Follow Me實在越聽越叫人心傷的一首歌,那是一種慢慢地滲出來的悲傷感覺,但又不會令人哭出來,灰灰的感覺蔓延全身,越聽越“了“心“了“肺……..

Follow Me的詞我post過了,換一換心情吧!這次post另一個我最喜愛的戰車tachikoma的歌曲,那是ai的心聲啊!

Be Human

I analyze and I verify and I quantify enough
100 percentile no errors no miss
I synchronize and I specialize and I classify so much
Don’t worry ‘bout dreaming because I don’t sleep —

I wish I could at least 30 percent
Maybe 50 for pleasure then skip all the rest

If I only was more human
I would count every single second the rest of my life
If I just could be more human
I’d have so many little babies and maybe a wife

I’d roll around in mud and have lots of fun then when I was done
Build bubblebath towers and swim in the tub
Sand Castles on the beach, frolick in the sea, get a broken knee
Be scared of the dark and I’d sing out of key

Curse when I lost a fight, kiss and reunite, scratch a spider’s bite
Be happy with wrinkles I got when I smile
Pet kittens ‘till they purred, maybe keep a bird, always keep my word
I’d cry at sad movies and laugh ‘till it hurt

I’d buy a big bike, I’d ride by the lake
And I’d have lots of friends and I’d stay out too late

If I could just be more human
I would see every little thing with a gleam in my eye
If only I was more human
I’d embrace every single feeling that came in my life

Would I care and be forgiving?
Would I be sentimental and would I feel loneliness?

Would I doubt and have misgivings?
Would I cause someone sorrow too? Would I know what to do?

Will I cry when its all over?

When I die will I see Heaven?

A.I.戰隊 Tachikoma

只有一個也是複數 不分什麼性別
TACHIKOMAS呀~~ 是正義的朋友 呀呀~~
TACHIKOMAS呀~~ 是和平的標志
愛開玩笑 也愛流淚 打架惡作劇更是拿手好戲
雖然沒有生命 卻是拯救生命的超級AI
總有一天會得好 憧憬的GHOST
呀~ 我們是大家的希望 萬能機器人