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Resilient Web Design is a web book by Jeremy Keith talking about the idea we can use to build a more resilient web. By resilient we mean that it can respond to failure and still carrying out it's intended function, regardless of the device you are using. It may not be fully-functional but the core part of the application is identified and can be used by lowest possible technology.

I will start to translate the book into traditional Chinese in this blog first, and then move the content to a proper web book format. Fortunately, Jeremy already has an excellent example so I can borrow/learn from his code.

Not a translation expert, so feel free to fix my error. They may be some translation discrepancies on specific terms across different area using Chinese (namely Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China), I will settle on the translation most reasonable to me first. Again, feel free to give me opinion on this.

The translation is of course licensed the same as the book under a Creative Commons Attribution‐ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

(below is the Chinese version of the same text)

Resilient Web DesignJeremy Keith 所寫的一本網絡圖書,講如何建立更強韌的網頁的一些想法。強韌的意思是對於錯鋘能有所反應,並仍然能夠照常運作,不論使用任何裝置。能用的未必是全功能,但已被認出的核心功能可以以最低的可能科技所使用。

我會開始在這 Blog 先翻譯此書成繁體中文,然後會將內容轉成合格的網絡圖書格式。幸好,我可以參考借用 Jeremy 已有的出色例子。


此翻譯當然也使用與這書的相同的姓名標示-相同方式分享 CC 4.0 國際授權

So, Here is the table of content, links will be updated once I have finish the translation of that chapter:


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