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Quantum Computing

In the next evolution of computer, quantum computer may play an important role. Recently, UCLA lab has found the way to control the spin of a single electron and detect it on a commerical transistor. This would mean that we can still use scilicon as the next evolution computer’s raw material.

What would it be if we can control that spin? Here is the article quotes:

“With 100 transistors, each containing one of these electrons, you could have the implicit information storage that corresponds to all of the hard disks made in the world this year, multiplied by the number of years the universe has been around,” Yablonovitch said. “And why stop with 100 transistors?”

Wow…. sounds pretty cool huh? Any physics student can tell me whether this is correct?

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Jacky23 Jul 04 11:35 am 寫關於科技

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