March 02, 2004

LOTR "Clean Sweep"

Congratulation to Peter Jackson! "The Lord of the Ring: Return of the King" has got all its nominated awards in Oscar! Total 11 awards, how amazing!

Although I have a tough Sunday and Monday (I worked overnight in the office) and almost forgot the Oscar, I still watched the show after I came home on Monday night after dinner. I did admit I'm too tired and in some of the parts I fell into sleep, but the show was really good. Billy Crystal was good, especially for the opening where he played a lot of characters in different movie.....which is really amusing. I like the part when he introduced the 5 best motion pictures' nominees, where he sang them out in a very very interesting way.

The best actor in leading role goes to Sean Penn. I haven't watched "Mystic River" yet but heard that it's really quite an intensive movie. Actually I plan to watch "21 grams" where Sean Penn plays a university professor in it. And it also has one of my favourite actress: Namoi Watts, who made a very impressive performance in David Lynch's "Mulholland Dr." She also got nominated in the actress of leading role for "21 grams". However, her competitors are too strong. Charlize Theron plays a serial killer in "Monster", which is based on the real life story. Like Nicole Kidman in "The Hour", she also got a custome change in the movie where you can't recognize that it's her. The movie is not yet available in Hong Kong but it should have after Charlize Theron got the actress in the leading role.

Tim Robins got the actor in the supporting role. One of his best performance which catches my attention is in "Shawshank's Redemption" (It still got a very high ranking in IMDB.) hm......I really need to watch "Mystic River". Renee Zellweger got the actress in the supporting role. Actually her performance in "Cold Mountain" is very great, even better than the Nicole Kidman and Jude Law.

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