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3 days to Innocence!

1997年轟動世界的Ghost in the Shell,令押井守聲名大噪,成為Cyberpunk科幻經典,也成為史上最有成就的動畫電影之一。闊別七年後,Ghost in the Shell 開拍續作Innocence,故事承接上一集,草薙素子與網絡孕育的第一個生命結合,故事主述巴特要追查有關一連串機械人暴走殺死僱主的事件,而在宣傳上,我們完全看不見草薙的踪影,究竟這一連串事顧與草薙有何關係?

Batou is a living doll.
His whole body, even his arms and legs are entirely man-made.
What only remains are traces of his brain
and memories of a woman named, Motoko.

When the boundary between humans and machines
has infinitely blurred,

Humans have forgotten that they are humans.

This is a promiscuous story of a lonesome “ghost” of a man,
who nevertheless seeks to retain humanity.

That’s what life is.

Jacky03 Mar 04 9:43 am 寫關於動漫, 科幻

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